Res s.r.l. is an E.S.Co Energy Service Company.

The E.S.Co. qualification is defined as “a company that offers energy services which may include implementing energy-efficiency projects (and also renewable energy projects) and in many case on a turn-key basis”.

The three main characteristics of an ESCO are:

elenco_3 ESCOs guarantee energy savings and/or provision of the same level of energy service at lower cost. A performance guarantee can take several forms. It can revolve around the actual flow of energy savings from a project, can stipulate that the energy savings will be sufficient to repay monthly debt service costs, or that the same level of energy service is provided for less money.

elenco_3 The remuneration of ESCOs is directly tied to the energy savings achieved;

elenco_3 ESCOs can finance, or assist in arranging financing for the operation of an energy system by providing a savings guarantee.

RES s.r.l. works according to the rules set by  UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008.


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